How Can I Tell If I’m Controlling the Pendulum?

How Can I Tell If I’m Controlling the Pendulum?

If you are concerned your pendulum divination is being alerted by your conscious pay attention to preferences or attachment you might have during a reading.  If you notice any one that is strong, then you are biased, which could result in you swinging the pendulum in a certain direction without mindfully knowing it.  This defies the entire essence of Truth Testing an answer and you won’t give an accurate answer.

Ways you can effectively navigate a bias

  • Pose your question with the statement “please show me a clear and unbiased answer.” Although this may not work for everyone, it’s the easiest method and worth seeing if it works for you.
  • Before you ask your questions, search your soul by asking it “Am I able to get an unbiased answer on this right now?” If your gut tells you no, seek out a third-party for a reading. If you are told yes, it is worth you attempting the reading.
  • Begin your reading by swinging the pendulum in a direction away from one of your signs. Close your eyes with the question firmly in your mind.  Let the pendulum drift in your hands.  Open your eyes to see an unbiased answer.
  • If you aren’t confident in the answer you see, ask aloud “Is that a true and unbiased answer?” Frequently, if you get a no then a bias is present.  If this occurs enlist the help of a third-party reader.  If they receive a different answer, you can be sure you had a bias.
  • Distract yourself by asking your question and then close your eyes thinking of something completely unrelated, but not a second question. For example, if your question is “Should I take this job opportunity” think about a song you enjoy.  By the time you bring your awareness back to the present and open your eyes, you should see a truthful answer.
  • If you are aware of a strong bias try distracting yourself by thinking of later move you wish to take if you don’t receive your desire answered. For example, if you are hoping for a yes, think about the steps you could take if you receive a no answer.  Focusing on alternative solutions lessens attachment to a particular answer.  If you happen to receive your desire answer you want it’s not a big deal due to this detachment and future planning.

Try all of the above methods and see which one is most effective for you!