Saturday , October 21 2017
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    Pros was founded over 10 years ago by a real psychic. Recently the owner sold the company to AT&T, the phone company, and they have slid downhill since then, to the point now that they are worthless in my opinion. Their feedback system is nice but I feel it is easily manipulated.


    No Screening Process For Psychics: Keen has virtually no screening process for psychics. They have some requirements when psychics sign up but nothing that verifies a psychics authenticity. The reason Keen has more psychics online than any other service is because they will let pretty much anyone give readings.

    Expensive: Keen offers 3 minutes free for new customers. You have to sign up, provide a credit card and purchase additional minutes to get your 3 free minutes however. I found the 3 minutes went by fast and I spent them all just trying finding a competent psychic. Keen has the worst new customer deal out of all the psychic services online.

    Customer Service: I’m fairly certain Keen doesn’t have a customer service department. At least I couldn’t get a live person to respond. I got a lot of auto-response emails telling me that support will be in touch soon but I never got any sort of contact. Keen doesn’t provide phone support only email support.