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We use a Pendulum tool for getting accurate answers to any question about love, relationship, career or money.
What is a Pendulum Reading?
You could have watched a vintage movie with a hypnotist asking his subject to stare at a small object hanging from a string. The person follows the pendulum back and forth until the helpless person gets hypnotized.

Well, despite the memories of movie-house era stereotypes, the marketplace of pendulum readings are quickly becoming popular and sought after as psychic readings go for today. They do require some simple objects and they must be operated with consistency.
A Pendulum can be anything weighted suspended on string, rope or ribbon. It can be made of brass, copper, glass, wood, almost anything. The shape is best if the bottom is pointed. The string can be silk, cotton, metal, gold, any material will do. The Pendulum may be store bought or home-made.

Be sure the bob or bobber - or weight on the end - is not too light or too heavy. It should weigh less than half an ounce. The best shape for the weight - or point - is something that comes to a point. The best length for the pendulum is six inches.
To begin using a pendulum, hold it in your dominant hand. I like to loop my chain over my index finger with the end of the chain between my thumb and index finger, and the pendulum swinging freely. Make sure you are grounded, comfortable, and for the best successes, make sure you are not tired. A good position would be sitting upright in a chair. Keep your eyes on the point.

By using the pendulum, you will get answers from your "higher self" – also known as your intuition. Your psychic senses become sharper and more accurate as you go through the intuitive awakening. It is a simple process of being absorbed by the constant motion until the repetitive rhythm has so relaxed your mind that the future unfolds like a complex puzzle solving itself.
Here are the five most common Pendulum Rituals that you need to know:
It is a great way to perform a pendulum ritual while on a vacation. It will help you make the most of your psychic potency for a pendulum reading. It’s always easier to remain alone and undistracted in such a quiet and tranquil space on a vacation. Perhaps make a special plan for being away and find a hotel that is advertised as a tranquilizing and quiet retreat, one that is known for its seclusion.

You might try doing a vacation pendulum reading several times in a day. This is a ritual that is great for the awakening of your psychic sensitivity than for the resolution of a specific question you might have. You may be more likely to have a psychic revelation after the conduction of this ritual and it will enhance and increase as you become more prone to having them.
Organizing a daily pendulum reading makes it a powerful ritual. All you need to do is organize your day so that you have the pendulum daily reading at exactly the same time and also in the same place every single day. It will allow for a full investigation of a most pressing question. After performing this daily ritual in your most disciplined manner as far as the timing is concerned, you will get answers that are quick and clear as they will arise when you fixate of a focused and specific question at the very beginning of this ritual.
During a Phone Reading
You can perform this pendulum reading ritual if you are having a challenging time concentrating on your psychic reading that you are receiving over the phone or over the Internet. As a matter of practice and as you deliberately concentrate on your pendulum, the words you receive from your psychic reading will penetrate the deepest. You will see that the clarity of your message from your psychic will confound you especially after doing this several times. You see the visual preoccupation of the pendulum creates an area or a space of concentrated intensity giving an astounding effect.
Before the online psychic readings were born, the common practice of pendulum reading was to have a psychic actually hold your pendulum as you moved into a state or a point of clear reception or clarity. This can be practiced still and is also popular as it still gives great results. A great psychic knows just how to instantly access the pendulum's power. All that's needed is to get into a state of relaxation and concentrate on your question while your advisor enters into a meditative state.
As soon as you become familiar with the weight and the physical presence of your pendulum, your hands may get tired holding it which normally happens. A pendulum reading rarely last for more than ten minutes because your arm will naturally get exhausted and will break of the pendulum's rhythm.

In this context, fatigue is one good thing; it gives a finite amount of psychic space drawing a boundary on this type of psychic reading. Being limited in your psychic time will increase clarity and then you can move on to the next thing or question, later.
After your pendulum reading, you can mount your pendulum over or on a doorway or even on a mantle or some kind, this will help you get longer and deeper attempts to expand the psychic space you have created. Please be reminded that as your work with the pendulum increases, it is most likely your pendulum reading will suffer from a cloud of your own fatigue.
Swing it, Baby
Having a pendulum reading will greatly help you enhance your own psychic abilities that will unfold for your own personal narrative and will serve as a guide to your goals in life.
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